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Concerts at the Cove Kicked-Off with Arlo McKinley!

On August 15th, music played through the trees at the first state park in Kentucky: Pine Mountain State Resort Park, located in Pineville, the county seat of Bell County (tri-states parcels of Kentucky, Tennessee, and Virginia). Hosted at the renowned Laurel Cove Amphitheater, Bell County Tourism and Main Street Pineville welcomed world-renowned Arlo McKinley and The Lonesome Sound back once again for an Album Release LIVE concert of Die Midwestern!

Arlo and his band have been a big favorite to Bell County, making their first appearance in 2018 at the Levitt Series which Bell County Tourism was a partner of, booking them and John Moreland for a spot in the 11-week concert series. Since then they have played 6 total shows these past two years officially becoming part of the Bell County Family. Arlo made his debut into the music scene in his hometown of Cincinnati Ohio. His website describes his background in music:

By age 8, McKinley was singing at his family’s church, Bethlehem United Baptist where he first saw the light of music. Early musical loves outside church were his Kentucky native father’s bluegrass and timeless country records of Hank Williams, Sr. as well as, Bob Dylan, John Prine, Otis Redding and George Jones. Then his two older brothers’ punk and metal collection drove him to throw himself raw onto the Cincinnati punk scene. “I grew up in the punk scene with my brothers and dad has all of that stuff that came out of King Records like Hank Williams and I was just surrounded by it,” McKinley says. “I still take parts of it and I feel I write songs in a punk rock way…” With concert covers ranging from Johnny Paycheck and The Misfits to Rihanna and Post Malone McKinley shows a diverse range of musical interest,...

One of 2020's most anticipated albums: "Die Midwestern" by Oh Boy Records recording artist Arlo McKinley was the last signee to the label by the late, great John Prine before his untimely passing. Many articles have featured the artist and his rising in the music industry including Rolling Stone, Fader, and the Tennessean. Support came from acclaimed singer-songwriter John R Miller and the Engine Lights and local talent Dave Shoemaker as openers for the show.

Unfortunately, due to the COVID-19, the 2nd Annual Laurel Cove Music Festival was moved to 2021 (for more information click here). Jon Grace, Director of Bell County Tourism stated that "it is a lot easier to do a safety plan for a single concert than a multi-day festival, therefore, we thought it was important to do a few concerts over the summer. Following the state mandates for social distancing and mask requirements we were able to implement a plan that met all the criteria." State Park Officials took note and asked to duplicate the Safety Plan that was developed to take across the state hoping more events would start to take place ensuring all state mandates were being met, thus allowing for safe outdoor entertainment.

With all the safety and state-mandated protocols in place, everyone came out and had a great time! You could feel the excitement just walking up to the cove. All spring and summer, concert after concert were canceled and now we were finally getting to celebrate our beloved artists with our music family! People traveled south from Florida, out west from Idaho, and all across the northeast to come enjoy live music at the cove! Arlo brought his family and close friends including his father and brother. I was very happy to have the chance to hang out with my favorite singer and songwriter and meet his daddy! Oh and thanks for the hat Winkie ;) Bell County loves you guys and we can't wait till you come back!

This Friday you can catch the Lost Dog Street Band with Matt Heckler and Charles Wesley Godwin, but if you haven't already bought tickets you are out of luck.... it has been sold out for some time now! In the future buy your tickets early, as they go fast! There might be surprises at this concert as well so stay tuned and keep up with us on the social.

As always, Live Like Nature Intended in Bell Co. KY

<3 Emily

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