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Lost Dog Street Band / Matt Heckler / Charles Wesley Godwin

September 18th / 6:00 PM Doors - 7:00 PM Music

DeeOhGee / Nic Jamerson / Eric Bolander 

October 10th / 6:00 PM Doors - 7:00 PM Music

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The Steel Woods / 49 Winchester / Dalton Mills 

October 17th / 4:00 PM Doors - 5:00 PM Music

Welcome to the official Bell County, KY Tourism website. We hope you'll come pay a visit to our home in the mountains. Whether you're looking to soak in our rich culture and history or seeking outdoor adventure, we have it all. You can visit the Cumberland Gap National Historical Park, where Daniel Boone created the original gateway to the western frontier. We also have a fantastic state park in Pine Mountain State Resort Park.


We have outdoor adventure for trail enthusiasts of all kinds, including over 100 miles of hiking trails, opportunities for kayaking and fishing, over 70,000 acres of public hunting, as well as trails for ATV and horseback riding. We also have two golf courses for those who enjoy the fairways. We also have two vibrant downtowns in Middlesboro and Pineville for people to enjoy while here. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at 606-248-2482.

Jon Grace / Bell County Tourism Director

Phone: 606-248-2482  / Fax: 606-248-0011