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Treat yo Self in Bell County

While traveling I always find the need to search for nearby spas for one reason or another. Sometimes it is for nails, most times it is because I need a message! But in the past I have also had to look up places for hair, cosmetic maintenance, etc. or an emergency... lol yes, I have "emergency" for example... "wow, I really needed a wax and just now noticed it" or, the more typical, "my nail broke!"

No matter where I go or what I am doing I usually break a nail or need a pedicure. With our area being an outdoor adventure traveling destination I thought others may be in need of some insight into possible places in our area that can help with an emergency or with just some self-care! While enjoying over 100 miles of our hiking trails, ATV trails, horseback riding, golfing, kayaking, fishing, or you if you are out in our 70,000 + acres of public hunting land you many be in need of some good ol' "treat yo self" time :)

One of my personal favorites that I like to get my nails and toes done at is Daylily Salon & Spa. They are located at 120 West Chester Avenue in the Historic Downtown of Middlesboro KY. They are also, near Middlesboro's Bell Co. Public Library Building; which is very convenient, easy to get to location. Turning off the street you will pull straight into the Spa's private parking lot with ample space. When you enter the front door you will come to a waiting area with bench seating and the receptionist to your right.

They have various services offered that are for nails, hair, face, and tanning bed. I chose to have a pedicure and get white tips with a clear dip for my nails. Since everything was shutdown during quarantine my nails were in very desperate need of some professional care.

Mindy Sanders, the owner and nail technician always offers a variety of complimentary drinks while you are getting worked on. I love talking with her and catching up, she has a great personality and makes everyone feel welcome. As you can tell by the pictures below she is very good at what she does and will even do most nailart at no additional charge.

If you watch on her Facebook page she may be doing a fundraiser for the county's animal shelter through giveaways. Animals are a very big passion of hers, she lives on a farm within the city where she has horses, cattle, goats, dogs, and probably any other animal that she knows needs taken care of. For more information on specials, services, etc., goto her Facebook

just click on hyperlinks above or call 606-302-4463

As always, Live Like Nature Intended!!!

<3 Emily

Are you are a local hot spot for visitors in our area?

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Emily Hickman, Bell County Tourism Deputy Director

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