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Bell County is coming back to the "Table"!

While restaurants across the nation have been closed, KY has had curbside pick-up only due to the COVID-19 restrictions until this past Friday, May 22. Owners expressed having a great opening weekend with more people out celebrating the Memorial Day Holiday.

Today we ventured out to a spot close to the Tourism Office, The Table Coffee Shop. This happened to be our first experience and they didn't disappoint! Located at 1100 North 25th Street in Middlesboro, KY. The Table Coffee House is a new addition to our food scene in the area. But this lovely spot is more than just coffee! They also provide your favorites, usually homemade, as well as daily specials! Currently, open Monday through Friday from 10:30 until 5:30. But make sure to call or check social media for updates and holiday hours. Check out our pictures below!!

Pulling into the restaurant there is parking in the front with additional spaces in the back. The scenery is breathtaking as you can see the Gap aka "Gateway to the West" in the background. The house is a beautiful white, with a wraparound porch. I was very surprised to see the front door have such elaborate and beautiful leaves incorporated into the rod iron! After all, our mountains are best viewed during fall ;). Once entering you can tell that the atmosphere was of high consideration while they were renovating... it has that country charm with natural wood and natural sunlight that makes you feel at home and ready to eat!

Today, we both ordered from the daily special menu, the Hamburger and the Chicken Salad Sandwich, with Queso Cheese Dip and Homemade Chips for sides. After we ordered our drinks we were surprised to learn that you receive warm Sweet Kettle corn served complimentary while you wait! Being huge fans of kettle corn we were pretty excited to find we loved it!

When our meals came we very surprised at the quality of our lunch! The Chicken Salad Sandwich came with a few different options for bread, I had the swirl but the most common order is the house-made croissant which is what the Hamburger actually comes on. Jon Grace, Tourism Director thought this was one of the best around and it went perfect with the house-made chips. The Queso dip was also just the right heat for lunch and better than some Mexican restaurants we've tried!

Although, we fully intended to dine-in, now that we actually could, we still chose to sit outside on the porch. The weather today was just too beautiful to resist! We hope the next time you are in the area you have the opportunity to drop-in to this spot for some coffee or a bite to eat! Share your pictures and thoughts with us!!!

~Emily Hickman, Bell County Tourism Deputy Director

The Table Coffee House

1100 North 25th Street

Middlesboro, KY 40965

Phone: 606-302-5152


Open: 10:30 - 5:30 M-F (call to check for updates)





If you are a local hot spot in our area and want us to come to visit you send us an e-mail and we would love to share what makes you a place to visit!


Emily Hickman, Bell County Tourism Deputy Director

Find us on:




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