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2020 Laurel Cove Music Festival Postponed

Saying we are sad having to announce the cancellation, of what was supposed to be our second annual Laurel Cove Music Festival, due to social gathering restrictions is a major understatement! Below you will see the announcement that was released earlier about the unfortunate decision.

Last year, we held the inaugural Laurel Cove Music Festival at Pine Mountain State Resort Park. Despite having a fraction of the budget that most festivals have, and despite having torrential thunderstorms that drove the music inside the lodge at Pine Mountain State Resort Park, it was one of the most amazing live music events that has ever happened in Bell County.

The fellowship, comradery, and energy were just amazing. Despite the great reviews, we were learning on the fly, and had so much prepared for this year. We have a line-up that we are super proud of, and most of all we were so, so excited to have the event at Laurel Cove, where it was supposed to take place last year, but due to rain was moved inside at the Lodge.

The amphitheater venue is so beautiful and unique, and we had so many cool ideas for the event. Then, as it sometimes does, fate intervened. The Covid-19 situation is unlike any we’ve ever faced, and it was something no one saw coming. In the grand scheme of things, people’s health and safety are the most paramount of things. Being a smaller festival, we wanted to wait as long as we could, just in case a miracle happened. Unfortunately, although some of the nation is easing restrictions, there is no way we can have the event as planned this year. It absolutely breaks our hearts, because we have put so much into this and had such high expectations. But the health and safety of everyone…the artists, the workers at the state park, and of course our visitors, is absolutely paramount.

The good news is that after contacting all of our artists, it appears as if we will have the vast majority of our 2020 lineup (and hopefully all of it) in place for our new date of June 11-12, 2021. We will be emailing everyone soon with details on refunds, etc.

During a time like this, it becomes very clear just how important the arts really are. Music is keeping a lot of us sane during these unprecedented times. And while having to postpone the event for a year is the last thing we want to do, it’s the only option to ensure public safety and well-being. Live music will return, and when it does, we will appreciate more than ever. We can’t wait to see everyone on June 11-12, 2021. Stay safe!

With Love From The Mountains,

The Laurel Cove Crew

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Here are some from us!!!

As always, Live Like Nature Intended!!!

<3 Emily

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Emily Hickman, Bell County Tourism Deputy Director

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